Saving Brushy Creek Trails

I vehemently oppose the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) plan to install high-tension power lines anywhere along the Brushy Creek Regional Trail along Brushy Creek or Hairy Man Roads. In fact, I would contend that this proposal ranks up there as one of the most short-sighted ideas conceived by any government bureaucrat in a long time.

Over the past 20-plus years, the taxpayers of Williamson County have spent millions of dollars developing and maintaining this regional trail. It makes zero sense for another quasi-governmental entity to come in and eliminate a significant portion of the tree canopy along this trail to install power lines.

I understand our area's population growth requires the installation of new power lines and substations to meet peak power demand. However, I believe that expansion of any transmission system should be designed to minimize the impact on public parkland, especially when the LCRA controls other rights-of-way that would have far less impact on this area.

If elected Commissioner, I will press for a plan that minimizes the impact on the Brushy Creek Regional Trail system. However, if the LCRA remains obstinate in its belief that this transmission line must go through a large section of our parklands, I would support the use of county resources to take actions to stop the project along any proposed route through the heart of our trail system.